Our Mission

There are teen moms throughout our city who are longing for love and searching for hope. In YoungLives, we help meet that need by entering the world of teenage motherhood with the love and hope of Jesus.
Chalrotte YoungLives is just beginning.   We are building relationships and working on spreading the word that we are here.  We hope to build a ministry that reaches the hearts of many young moms in our area.

For more information, visit our national website.

Lauren Jackson
Lauren JacksonCard Designer
Lauren Jackson is a Charlotte based artist, specializing in calligraphy & watercolor art. She has been involved with Young Life since high school, working many summers doing work crew, summer staff & internships. She was a volunteer leader at both UNC-Chapel Hill and Lake Norman, NC. She is now married to the love of her life, Matt, and focusing on raising up her “arrows” Ruby (5), Quinn (3), and Beau (1), while launching her new calligraphy business, Beau & Arrow. For more information, please visit www.beauandarrowhome.com